Purchasing Supply Department

Sun Zhaohua / General Manager

Phone: 86-573-88181113

Mobile: 86-(0)13957371668

Email: zhaohua.sun@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for overall procurement work

Yang Zhen / Deputy General Manager

Mobile: 86-(0)13857365002

Email: zhen.yang@jushi.com

Responsibilities: cooperate with the general manager of procurement

Yunhui Wang / Deputy General Manager

Mobile: 86-(0)13484132514

Email: yunhui.wang@jushi.com

Responsibilities: cooperate with the general manager of procurement

Tender Management Section

Tang Weijia / Deputy Chief

Phone: 86-573-88181120

Mobile: 86-(0)15988311393

Email: weijia.tang@jushi.com

Task: Responsible for procurement negotiation and contract temporary

Supplier Management Section

Zhuang Xianxin / Section Chief

Phone: 86-573-88115088

Mobile: 86-(0)13857359991

Email: xianxin.zhuang@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for domestic contract execution tracking and new supplier development

International Business

Zhao Chunjie / Section Chief

Phone: 86-573-88136552

Mobile: 86-(0)13750798020

Email: chunjie.zhao@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for foreign contract execution tracking and import and export customs clearance

General Management Section

Shen Xiaoliang / Section Chief

Phone: 86-573-88181066

Mobile: 86-(0)13957374009

Email: xiaoliang.shen@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for contract review management and procurement internal control

Chengdu Branch

Zhan Jinde / Manager

Phone: 86-028-89302051

Mobile: 86-(0)13708217617

Email: jinde.zhan@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for the procurement work of Chengdu branch

Jiujiang Branch

Song Yinhua / Deputy Manager

Mobile: 86-(0)18179226923

Email: yinhua.song@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for the procurement work of Jiujiang Branch

System Management Department

Chu Peigen / General Manager

Phone: 86-573-88181036

Mobile: 86-(0)13867318451

Email: bacon.chu@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for procurement quality monitoring and supplier review

Audit Legal Department

Liao Xinlin / General Manager

Phone: 86-573-88181075

Mobile: 86-(0)13515831602

Email: jc.jg@jushi.com

Responsibilities: Responsible for legal supervision and handling of legal issues