Jushi Group is the world’s largest fiberglass manufacturer and has attained the leadership position in the global fiberglass industry in terms of output, technology, market and profit.  The Group is a China National Key High Technology Enterprise, a National  Innovative Pilot Enterprise, a China Top 500 Most Competitive Large Business Group and a Backbone Enterprise and a Green Plant of Zhejiang Province.  The company has a National-Level Enterprise Technology Center and operates a distinguished Post-Doctoral program.
Jushi Group presently has total assets of over 20 billion yuan, 8,000 employees and a production capacity of over 1.1 million ton fiberglass. The company has four fiberglass production bases with three domestic bases in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province and Chengdu, Sichuan Province respectively, and one overseas base in Egypt. It has established a number of overseas production and trading subsidiaries in South Africa, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, India, Singapore, Japan, USA and Hong Kong.
Jushi Group always adheres to its fundamental Management principles: “Apply science and technology for development, Build the brand name to expand market share, Emphasize management to improve efficiency and Employ talented people to enable future growth”. The company owns proprietary, world-class core technologies for large E-glass fiber furnaces, C-glass fiber furnaces and high-strength glass fiber production. It has established a global  marketing network and achieved certifications to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA18001, ISO12001 and ISO17025, which has laid the solid basis for the company to grow strong and big.
Jushi Group produces E-glass and C-glass fiberglass products and has the most complete range of reinforcement fiberglass products including rovings, chopped strands, stitched combo mats, powder and emulsion chopped strand mats, woven rovings and electrical yarn and fabrics in over 100 product categories and over 1,000 specifications. The products are sold in 30 provinces in China and exported to over 100 countries with an export volume accounting for 50% of the total sales. Its testing center has been certified by China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (CNAS). The fiberglass rovings and chopped strand mats under the “Jushi” brand have been approved as “China Top Brand” products and the trademark “JUSHI” has been recognized as “China Famous Trademark”.  The principal products of Jushi Group have been approved by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV), Lloyd's Register (LR), Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and American FDA.
The fiberglass products of Jushi Group have wide applications. As functional or structural materials, they can be used to manufacture FRP profiles, pipes, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, sanitary apparatus, electric equipment, environment protection equipment, wind energy equipment,  boat hulls, automobile parts and sports equipment, to name a few.  The electronic yarn can be used to manufacture PCB and is a basic material for the information processing industry.   
Jushi people adhere to our core values of “Behavior, Innovation, Responsibility, Learning, Enthusiasm” to build the company into an international group with leading manufacturing scale, advanced technology, talented team, lean management, powerful execution, great achievements and fast growth.  Jushi Group strives to lead the modernization of China’s fiberglass industry and maintain the leadership position in the global fiberglass industry through endless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

JUSHI Jiujiang

Jushi Group Jiujiang Co., Ltd. (Jushi Jiujiang), a wholly owned subsidiary of Jushi Group Co., Ltd., is the largest fiberglass manufacturer in central China. The company is located in Jiujiang Export Processing Zone, Jiangxi province, and covers an area of around 338,668 M2 with a total investment of 4.73 billion yuan and is staffed with over 1,500 employees.
The Company produces E-glass fiber products including rovings, chopped strands, powder and emulsion chopped strand mats and woven rovings. The products are widely used in the fields of transportation, energy saving and environmental protection, aerospace, electronics, shipbuilding industry, building materials, daily necessities, leisure and entertainment as ideal new materials to replace steel, wood and plastics. These products are sold domestically as well as exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, the Middle East and other countries and regions.
The Company is committed to scientific and technological innovation and strives to enhance the core competitiveness through technical reforms, technological breakthroughs and industry-university-research cooperation.

JUSHI Chengdu

Jushi Group Chengdu Co., Ltd. (Jushi Chengdu) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jushi Group Co., Ltd.. It has a registered capital of around 1.24 billion yuan and covers an area of around 418,002 M2. At present, the company has four production lines with an annual capacity up to 230,000 tons of fiberglass.

The company produces both C-glass and E-glass fiber and its articles that are widely used in various fields such as petro-chemistry, transportation and national defense. With state-of-art equipment and technologies, the company always attaches great importance to clean production and energy conservation with all the emission indexes far below the national standard levels. 
The company focuses on innovation mechanism and energy saving and emission reduction and gives full play to the advantages of manufacturing costs so as to make contributions to the local economy as well as the development of the fiberglass industry. 
Thanks to the production technology innovation, Jushi Chengdu has successfully developed the waste fibers recycling technology, furnace slag utilization technology and oxy-fuel combustion. It keeps improving the technological level of products and developing high performance composite reinforcements for wind turbine blades, high-pressure pipeline and other emerging applications.
The company has been highly recognized among the local community and its customers these years for the rapid and sound growth in the fiberglass business. For that reason, it has gained a wide variety of national honors and awards.


Jushi Egypt for Fiberglass Industry S.A.E (Jushi Egypt) is wholly owned by China Jushi Co., Ltd (China Jushi), the world’s largest fiberglass manufacturer. It is registered in January, 2012 and located strategically in Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone of Egypt.

Jushi Egypt project has a planned investment totaled USD 520 million to build a world class large-scale fiberglass production base with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons, which is unique in whole Africa. The products of the company are mainly sold to Europe, as well as Turkey, Middle East and North Africa, and Egyptian local markets. The first phase of the project accounts for USD 223 million of investment with an annual capacity of 80,000 tons and the most advanced ultra-large tank furnace technology in the world. It was put into full operation on April 23rd. 2014.  The second phase for another 80,000 ton/year line has been put into operation in July 2016. The construction for the third phase for a 40,000 ton/year production line was started in May 2016, and is planned to start operation in June 2017. By then, the Jushi Egypt project as a whole would have been completed in advance within 5 years instead of the planned 8-10 years.
As a significant achievement made under the economic cooperation between Egypt and China, Jushi Egypt project has gained high attention and great support from the governments of both countries. With the persistent efforts of project workers, the project has overcome various difficulties in the construction process and set a series of records – it has so far the largest investment value, the most advanced technical equipment and the fastest construction speed among all Chinese investment projects in Egypt. In the meantime, it is the first large-scale production base of fiberglass established by China Jushi in overseas countries, and has the symbolic significance in China Jushi globalization strategy, not only filling the gap of fiberglass industry in Middle East and North Africa, but also representing a milestone in global layout of Chinese fiberglass industry.
Jushi Egypt actively promotes joint development of staff and company as well as the localization of management positions. At present, the company has altogether 1,350 employees, among which 1,300 are Egyptians and 50 Chinese. The overall localization rate reaches up to 90%. 
As the first large-scale overseas production base of China Jushi, Jushi Egypt will endeavor to build itself to be an example in China’s “going global” campaign and contribute to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative under the cooperation between Egypt and China.

Hongjia Kaolin

Hubei Hongjia Kaolin Mining Co., Ltd. (Hongjia Kaolin), formerly known as Yidu Hongshan Kaolin Mining Co., Ltd., was relocated in 2010 to its present site, i.e., No. 1 Zhejiang Section of the Shilipu Industrial Park of Yidu city, Hubei province. It has a total investment of 60 million yuan and 49 employees at present. In 2011 the company became a subsidiary of Jushi Group.

Hongjia Kaolin specializes in kaolin processing. Its main products include glass fiber grade hard kaolin powder of 80 to 325 mesh size for such applications as in glass, paper, ceramics, rubber and plastics. It has established long-term friendly partnerships with many domestic large glass fiber enterprises. Currently it has 5 production lines for 325 mesh 5R kaolin powder with an annual capacity up to 80 thousand tons. 
The company operates a strict quality management system by implementing a complete quality control from mining to incoming inspection to powder processing, and as such, the products have won wide recognition from customers for the high and stable quality. 
Hongjia Kaolin will make full use of the local resources and continue to pursue a green and energy-saving development so as to provide high-quality products for the development of local economy and China's fiberglass industry as well.