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How will the chopping length of chopped strands for TP reinforcement affect the performance of composite materials?

2020-03-11 13:50:59 中国巨石股份有限公司
There are two specifications for chopped strands: 3mm and 4.5mm. The 3mm strands show a slight advantage in terms of density and flowability, however, customers find that this advantage is not apparent in practical operation.
Both 3mm and 4.5mm chopped stands meet the requirements of processing, ensuring a smooth production line. Through testing of retention length of extruded pellets, we find that the retention length of 4.5mm chopped strands is a little greater than 3 mm ones, thus offering better reinforcement property. An obvious advantage of 4.5mm chopped strands is extremely low fuzz, suitable for continuous production for extended periods. For the moment, 4mm or 4.5mm chopped strands are available in international markets, while 4.5mm strands are increasingly used in domestic markets. We recommend the 4.5mm Chopped Strands for Thermoplastic.