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As for Assembled Roving for Spray-up, what’s the difference between 178, 180, 170, and 172?

2020-03-11 13:49:34 中国巨石股份有限公司
178: is designed for high speed robotic spray-up process. The filament diameter is 11 um. It is easy to process with low tension and no spring-back in sharp corner;
180 is spray-up roving for general purpose, which is more suited in composite products with less sharp corners. The filament diameter is 13 um.
Both 178 and 180 deliver fast wet-out and are mainly for North America and Asian markets.
170, with filament diameter of 13 um, is ideal for products with large vertical surface; 172, with filament diameter of 12 um, delivers benefits of small dispersion area during spray-up, little fiber swap, suited for small parts.
Both 170 and 172 are for European and South American markets.