Development of new suppliers

2019-11-05 10:15:16 中国巨石股份有限公司

Working procedure: Documents approval for developing new suppliers > Testing sample products from a potential supplier > Assessing the potential supplier > Entering into relevant agreements with the supplier > Including the supplier in the List of Suppliers for bulk supply

1. Purchasing Department requires to develop new suppliers and asks potential suppliers to fill out the Examination and Approval Form for Developing New Suppliers and provide copies of their business licenses, organization code certificates, tax registration certificates, system certificates and so on. All these documents will then be examined by System Management Department for approval.

2. The approval of the documents shall be followed by the testing on sample products from potential suppliers. In principle, it is compulsory to successively go through all the three steps including laboratory testing, middle-scale pilot production and large-scale pilot production; yet one or two of these steps can be skipped according to the actual situations.

3. The potential supplier will be assessed in scored items according to Qualification Assessment Form for Developing New Suppliers. All the members of the assessment team will jointly issue the conclusive opinion, with which the person in charge of System Management Department provides the final approval comments.

4. Entering into relevant agreements (i.e., Quality Warranty Agreement, Agreement on Code of Business Ethics of Suppliers etc.)

5. Including the supplier in the List of Suppliers for bulk supply.