Claim for supply quality problems

2019-11-05 10:09:12 中国巨石股份有限公司

1.When unqualified raw materials are accepted under concessions as per the evaluation results, System Management Department shall lodge a claim against the supplier, according to the relevant provisions in Quality Warranty Agreement signed with the supplier, for an amount equivalent to 5-50% of the total value of the lot of materials including the unqualified ones, and shall send a written form of Notice of Claim for Supply Quality Problems for prompt handling of the claim.

2. The departments/units affected by unqualified raw materials during use shall fill out a standard Claim Application Form based on the economic losses verified by System Management Department which are caused by the use of the aforementioned unqualified materials on Jushi, and the relevant persons in charge of the departments/units applying for the claim and System Management Department respectively shall confirm in signing to lodge the claim.