Hongjia Kaolin

2019-11-05 08:36:24 中国巨石股份有限公司

Hubei Hongjia Kaolin Mining Co., Ltd. (Hongjia Kaolin), formerly known as Yidu Hongshan Kaolin Mining Co., Ltd., was relocated in 2010 to its present site, i.e., No. 1 Zhejiang Section of the Shilipu Industrial Park of Yidu city, Hubei province. It has a total investment of 60 million yuan and 49 employees at present. In 2011 the company became a subsidiary of Jushi Group.

Hongjia Kaolin specializes in kaolin processing. Its main products include glass fiber grade hard kaolin powder of 80 to 325 mesh size for such applications as in glass, paper, ceramics, rubber and plastics. It has established long-term friendly partnerships with many domestic large glass fiber enterprises. Currently it has 5 production lines for 325 mesh 5R kaolin powder with an annual capacity up to 80 thousand tons. 
The company operates a strict quality management system by implementing a complete quality control from mining to incoming inspection to powder processing, and as such, the products have won wide recognition from customers for the high and stable quality. 
Hongjia Kaolin will make full use of the local resources and continue to pursue a green and energy-saving development so as to provide high-quality products for the development of local economy and China's fiberglass industry as well.