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Dear Valued Customer:
Since the start of 2014, the fiberglass production has met with great pressures in the continuous increases in costs of energy and raw materials, labor, finance and logistics. Jushi Group has been taking various measures of controlling the internal costs but was still unable to overcome the pressures of the significant cost increase.
To meet our customers’ demands by continuing to provide good quality products and services and keep the company in a healthy development, Jushi Group finds it necessary to implement globally price increase as follows, effective on 1 Jan. 2015:
        1. Above 7% price increase in fiberglass products from Jushi Egypt.
        2. Above 8% price increase for customers who signed annual contracts and the prices were not adjusted through 2014.
        3. Above 4% price increase for products and customers other than above mentioned.
        4. Existing contracts with agreed price shall be honored till its expiration.
        5. The guideline for the price adjustment in 2015 is to implement different price increase according to the actual prices in 2014.
We thank you for your long term understanding and supports and look forward to providing you with services in the future.
Our sales representatives will be contacting you shortly to discuss the above announcement and doing the follow-up for some more details.
Very respectfully,
Jushi Group Co., Ltd.