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Jushi Group is an active leader in sustainable economy development. We are always committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the environment and promotes the safety and health of our employees.
Energy saving and emission reduction has always been considered most important to our business because we think that it also add to competitiveness and is directly linked to the success of our Company.
Jushi's 3-Never Principles:
Never develop the company at the expenses of environment and employees' safety and health;
Never develop the company by overriding laws and regulations;
Never develop the company by wasting resources and damaging the ecology.
Jushi strives to reduce the amount of pollution and lower the average energy and water consumption level  and achieve zero discharge of waste water so that the total production capacity would increase while the pollution and energy consumption decreases.
Jushi puts environmental protection as its primary social responsibility and technical innovations is key to realize the goal.

Our Accolades:


The Outstanding Enterprise of Energy Saving
 and Emission Reduction 2009


The Outstanding Enterprise of Environmental Protection 2008



Green Enterprise in Zhejiang


The Top Ten Enterprises on the New Path
of Industrilization 2008



During the on-site assessment for "Green Enterprise" qualification, one member
of the assessment team drank the water purified by Jushi's effluent treatment plant.