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Corporate Culture
A world brand is supported by a corporate culture. Jushi fully understands that her corporate culture can only be formed through Impact, Infiltration and Integration. Since fifteen years ago the development of Jushi has been supported by her core values-------Behavior, Innovation, Responsibility, Learning, Enthusiasm

Giant Stone is the backbone of heaven and earth,
Supporting the universe tirelessly and unselfishly

Only with the behavior and spirit of Stone,
Can Jushi refrain from being tired and low-spirited in the course of its growth.
Today, credibility has become the real source of Jushi’s competitive edge.
Having such behavior and spirit,
Jushi has taken every step in a steady and firm way.
Innovation is the essence of Jushi culture.
Innovation leads to development, which leads to increased strength,
All originates from innovation.
Jushi people make innovations in concept, mechanism, technology and management.
The company is forever in an activated status
to accommodate strategic and environmental changes
and be prepared for emerging opportunities.
Responsibility enables one to have perseverance.
Jushi has a strong sense of responsibility and mission for society.
The power of such responsibility can not be seen, but can be felt.
It has always been the driving force for the development of Jushi.
Learning is the source of innovation.
We always aim at excellence to upgrade ourselves.
Jushi strives to build a learning company.
Learning is regarded as a very important means for enhancing corporate value and developing employees.
By effectively creating a learning atmosphere, Jushi has managed to let employees share information,
experience, technology and knowledge.
Jushi is always enthusiastic to take on challenges.
Enthusiasm is the driving force of Jushi culture;
And also a catalyst in the making of Jushi miracle;
With continued enthusiasm and an open mind, Jushi copes with changes and aggressively makes progress.
Jushi people are full of enthusiasm
to unremittingly pursue growth and per