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      Glass FiberTerms
      FAQ on Jushi Products

a. Yield
Yield is a measurement of the strand length per unit weight. Its units are yards/pound (ypp).  

b. Linear Density
Liner density is defined in term of the weight per unit length. Its unit is tex, which is equal to the mass in grams of 1 km of yarn, filament,
fiber or other textile strand.

c. Breakage Strength
Breakage strength refers to the point at which the specimen will break from applied stress.

d. Moisture Content (Loss On Ignition, LOI)
Moisture Content is defined as the percentage of water in a fiberglass product.

e. Combustible Content
Combustible Content is defined as the percentage of combustible in a fiberglass product which is expressed by %. .

f. Area Weight
Area Weight is defined as the weight per unit area of tape or fabric. Typical units are g/cm2, g/m2, ounces/foot2, and ounces/yard2.

g. Tensile Strength
The maximum tensile stress sustained by a plastic specimen before it fails in a tension (a pulling force) test.

h. Flexural Strength
Flexural Strength is defined as the maximum stress the material will withstand in bending at the moment of rupture.

i. Compressive Strength
Compressive Strength is defined as the value of uniaxial compressive stress reached when the materials fails completely.
Compressive Strength is a key mechanical parameter, representing the material’s ability to resist deformation under load.

j. Shear Strength
Shear Strength is defined as the value of shear stress, which causes contiguous parts of a body to slide with respect to each other in a direction parallel to their plane of contact, reached when the material ruptures.