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High Modulus Glass Fiber

China Jushi has developed E8 High Modulus Glass Fiber in 2016, achieving a revolutionary breakthrough in the glass fiber industry. E8 glass fiber offers higher modulus and better fatigue resistance than E7 high performance glass fibers and S-glass fiber, and now can be manufactured with tank furnaces in a stable and efficient way. E8 has much better cost performance than S-glass fiber, making it more competitive than the later. E8 is designed mainly for use in the wind blades and will create tremendous value for the wind energy market. It will be able to further promote the innovation and application of large-size wind blades. E8 will enable the wind blades of the same design to have higher modulus, less deformation under the same wind load and reduced blade weight. In the meantime, wind blade manufacturers can make longer blades with better fatigue resistance and higher adaptability in wind zone, which will reduce the unit cost of power generation and prolong the service life of wind blades
  Compared with E6 and E7 glass, E8 offers the following unique benefits: • Higher modulus, 17% higher than E6 glass, 7% higher than E7 glass; • Higher softening point , 32℃ higher than E6 glass,9℃ higher than E7 glass; • The use of boron-free and fluorine-free raw materials enables clean production. E8 is therefore more suitable for wind energy, high pressure and high temperature applications. In addition, E8 retains the excellent electrical properties of E6 glass fiber.