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Aerospace, Military, Defense and Security

Applications in Aerospace, Military, Defense & Security markets are driven by weight reduction, high specific strength, high impact resistance ...More


New automotive applications for glass fiber composites are increasing every year. This is driven by the many benefits of composite ma...More

Building and Construction

Glass fiber composites are well suited for applications in Building & Construction market. They deliver high strength, light weig...More

Chemistry and Chemical

Glass fiber composites have excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding reinforcing ability. These benefits are very important for...More

Consumer Goods and Business Equipment

Compared to traditional materials, such as aluminum and steel, glass fiber composites offer greater design freedom, parts consolidation, improved c...More

Electrical and Electronics

Applications of glass fiber composites in electrical & electronic markets are mainly driven by excellent electrical insulation resistance, high...More


Fiberglass composites offer excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability. When compared to traditional materials, such as steel and co...More


Glass fiber composites deliver: design freedom, excellent corrosion resistance, reduced weight, as well as ease of maintenance. These benefits have...More

Sports and Leisure

Glass fiber composites are widely used in sporting goods due to their light weight, high strength, design flexibility, easy of maintenance and dura...More

Wind Energy

As a proven, effective and environment-friendly source of renewable energy, Wind Power continues its phenomenal growth around the globe, from Europ...More